re Recognition GmbH

Software Developer Kit (SDK) for Machine and Hand-Printed Recognition (OCR and ICR)

As a leading provider of solutions for machine and hand-printed character recognition, re Recognition GmbH has been offering KADMOS, a high-performing and easy-to-integrate software developer kit (SDK) for software manufacturers and developers, for more than 25 years.
Our KADMOS SDK is in standard C so that any CPU can be supported. re Recognition GmbH's KADMOS ICR / OCR SDK is offered for integration into mobile and desktop applications running on various operating systems. On that note, our recognition solutions find use in a variety of applications worldwide – let it be census or the recognition of machine and hand-printed characters on forms, prescriptions, or passports.

Various Fonts and Alphabets are Supported

SDK KADMOS ICR / OCR by re Recognition GmbH supports the recognition of a variety of different fonts, languages, and alphabets. Our solutions recognize hand-printed block letters, machine-printed characters, special fonts such as OCR-A, F7B, CMC7, E13B, and even Fraktur. Thereby, not only the Latin alphabet is supported. We also offer KADMOS for Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Thai, and Tamil – and we are continuously expanding our offer range!

Context-Independent Recognition for Data Processing

Particular expertise of reRecognition GmbH is the context-independent recognition of KADMOS while maintaining highest accuracy. This capability is tailored for applications processing data and unable to deploy a dictionary. The ICR and OCR recognition by KADMOS thereby relies on latest mathematical methods and re Recognition GmbH's unique advancement of the SVM (Support Vector Machine) model.

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