DLL Version

The recognition software KADMOS is a 32 bit Windows DLL. In order to avoid an additional hardware dongle, KADMOS DLL Version contains a software protection. The developer kit and any run time license can be used on one computer exclusively. Please carefully follow the instructions below to validate your KADMOS product on your computer.

The Licensing

The files Kadmos.dll and kadmos.lic should be located in the application folder or a corresponding path should be set. !!! Save the kadmos.lic before the first start and do not try to open this file with an editor or any other application !!!  After calling a classifier for the first time a dialog box will appear containing the product description, the current version, and two numbers (code entry, computer ID). To get an unlimited validation you have to fill in the trigger code. You get this trigger code from your distributor or directly from re Recognition GmbH. You have two options when the dialog window appears:

  1. You make a note of all information in the dialog window and transmit this information to the company re Recognition GmbH.
  2. If you want to continue without entering a valid code, you can close the window with the "Later" button, so that the KADMOS DLL version works one day without restrictions and annoying messages. The same procedure is repeated the same way when you launch the KADMOS software the next day, until you have entered the valid trigger code. This completes licensing.


But it is important to know that this one-day preliminary licensing is only possible for 30 days!

Within this time you have to enter the code, after which the DLL version must be reinstalled. After closing the licensing window with the "Later" button you will always be reminded until which day the trigger code has to be added.

We strongly recommend to save the KADMOS.LIC (formerly KADMOS.LF) file one time before and second time after the validation from the directory of your application outside the computer.



Wait a day. The dialog window will appear once a day, when the recognition function is called for the first time.
What can I do if the deadline is reached before I entered the trigger code? Delete all KADMOS files in all directories (DLLs and KADMOS.LIC) and repeat the installation. Now you are in the situation of the first installation. IMPORTANT: Note that the entry code and computer ID now have changed. To get a valid trigger code you have to report these new numbers.
Yes. IMPORTANT: The files KADMOS.LIC, MACHNM1.EXE, KADMOS.?? (??=country code UK,DE, ..), and KADMOS.DLL must be in the same directory as your application.
Yes. Install the KADMOS software from the original disks on the customers computer. Pass the daily question for the trigger code by the 'Later' button. This works for 30 days.
Basically no. But you can do it for a time of 4 weeks (see question 4).
The KADMOS.DLL and and other files of the developer kit have different version numbers. This may happen if you have an older KADMOS version on your computer and did not delete it completely.
You tried to work with an unauthorized, corrupt, or changed KADMOS.DLL.
Exactly what it says. This may happen if you changed the system time forward while using KADMOS or if you indeed turned it back. You can overcome this problem in one of the following ways. You can wait for the moment when the actual system time is greater then the last access time of KADMOS. Or, you overwrite the KADMOS.LIC file in the application directory by the backup version (made after(!) the authorization).